Achievement through Learning & Knowledge


Version 1.1


  1. What would I do if a journal has NO impact factor?
    Enter zero - '0'

  2. What if the journal does NOT have a weblink?
    Enter the UGC-CARE link as the weblink.

  3. Which indexing databases should I consider for entering journal publications?
    At the minimum, your publication MUST be indexed (or listed) by UGC-CARE. Note that UGC-CARE already includes all SCOPUS and Web of Science databases. If you need to enter a journal data which is neither indexed in any if the above three, enter it in the Other Achievements section.

  4. I have difficulty in selecting the date in different entries in the AROHAN portal. What shoud I do?
    You can use the dropdown link in the calendar icon next to the date entry position. If you have difficulty in using that, you can directly enter the date by typing in the different fields of the date fields i.e. date, month, and year.

  5. I am repeatedly getting Server Error 500. What should I do?
    You are getting this error because of a malformed data field, which may be in the ISSN field or the Weblink field. In the ISSN field, please put any one - either e-ISSN or print-ISSN, with ONLY the ISSN. DO NOT put other information like "(Print)" etc. Simply put the ISSN as 12345-ABCDE or 12345ABCDE. Similarly take care that the weblink is a valid URL construct.

  6. What document should I upload for conference presentation, lectures etc.
    For conference presentation, you should upload either a certificate or presentation, copy of invitation letter, 1st page of the paper (clearky showing the conference) presented etc. For lectures, upload invitation letter etc.

  7. What proof should I upload for PhD Guidance if my scholar is just enrolled.
    You can either upload an allotment letter OR the copy of the PhD registration form. If you DO NOT have a document, you can upload a self-certification.

  8. In the Project section, it is NOT accepting decimal like 1.4 Lkah, 2.3 Crore etc.
    Include the full amount i.e. 140000 for 1.4 Lakh OR 23000000 for 2.3 Crore and so on. DO NOT include comma (,) OR punctuation mark OR decimal.

Journal Publications

  1. What weblink / DOI link I should provide for journal publication?
    Here, you should provide a weblink for the journal concerned. DO NOT upload your paper into some website (as Google Drive of Dropbox) and provide that link!

  2. The journal does NOT have a website. It is a print-only journal. What should I do?
    If a journal does NOT have its website, it might be a print-only journal. In that case, please provide the weblink of the UGC-CARE listing page of the journal. If the journal is NOT listed in UGC-CARE, please choose Other in the indexing option and provide the weblink of the indexing database, where the journal is listed.

Book Publications

  1. My book does NOT have a website. What whould I do?
    Please provide the link for ISBN page where your book is listed.

  2. My book neither has website nor the ISBN of the book (it migght be very new) is listed. What should I do?
    Please upload the communication letter received with allocation of ISBN for your book into a publicly shareable Google Drive folder (or similar location such as Dropbox) and share the link of the folder.

Invited Lectures etc.

  1. What should I upload as proof of my Invited Lecture?
    Upload either the copy of your invitation letter, or a copy of the programme listing of the event showing your name as an invited speaker, or the snapshot of the webpage where your name is shown as an invited speaker. Same goes also for Resource Person OR Chairing a session.

Consultancy & External Services

  1. I have provided academic services to an external agency such as APSC, NTA, CBSE, SLET etc. Can I incude these services here?
    Yes, you should include them.

  2. I have also taken part in PhD Viva Voce examinations of other universities, acted as external parcatical esaminer etc. Should I include them?
    No, please DO NOT include the routine academic duties.

  3. I am board of members in other academic institutions and have similar positions. Should I include them? If yes, where should I include them?
    Yes, you should include them - in the Other Achevements section.

  4. I DO NOT want to reveal the monetary involvements for my expertises offered to external agencies? How do I then include them?
    You can enter 0 (zero), if you DO NOT want to reveal the monetary involvement. Also, you need NOT upload the assignment letter as some of these works may be confidetial. But, if you want to upload the document, you can do so.

AROHAN Data Entry Last Date : Wednesday, 31st August, 2022