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CAS Application Summary


All applications for promotion of faculty members under the CAS must be made through this online facility. This online CAS application facility is now available for the following categories:

  1. For promotion from Academic Level 10 to 11
    Assistant Professor to Assistant Professor (Senior Scale )

  2. For promotion from Academic Level 11 to 12
    Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) to Assistant Professor (Selection Grade )

  3. For promotion from Academic Level 12 to 13A
    Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) to Associate Professor

  4. For promotion from Academic Level 13A to 14
    Associate Professor to Professor

These promotions are, at present, as per UGC Regulations 2018. Before applying, faculty members are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with all the relevant sections of these regulations, which can be downloaded from the Downloads section. Faculty members are also advised to go through the UGC directive on standards of publications, which is also available in the Downloads section.

We also request the faculty members to go through the latest guidelines regarding API Score calculation and standard of publication, approved in the latest meeting of the IQAC, GU. These minutes of the meetings can be view here.

The relevant notifications can also be found in the IQAC website here.


  1. The GU-CAS system ensures that the basic eligiblity criteria for a particular promition level is fulfilled by the applicant.

  2. If an applicant is able to submit the application form, it is ensured that the applicant has fulfilled the basic eligiblity criteria such as required number of Refresher Courses / Orientation Courses etc. and similar requirements.

  3. This however, DOES NOT limit the applicant what he / she wants to submit with the application. If an applicant wants to supply additional information and / or documents, the applicant can do so afer receving the application docket (see below).

Application Procedure

  1. The CAS Application form requires a unique Access Code for each eligible faculty member, which the applicant has to obtain by first filling out the Pre-Application form.

  2. On receipt of the Access Code, the applicant can fill up the main CAS Application form.

Application Flow

  1. A faculty member submits the Pre-Application form, expressing interest to apply for promotion under CAS.

  2. The applicant immediately receives an Access Code, required to fill up the CAS online application form through the applicant's institutional email ID.

  3. The applicant should then visit the CAS Application section of this website and choose the appropriate form. This CAS Application form will require the Access Code for the applicant to be able to fill up and submit the form. On supply of the Access Code, the form will be pre-populated automatically with applicant's Name, Email Address, and Department.

  4. On successful submission of the CAS Application form, the applicant will receive a digital copy of the application docket after an initial approval. The initial approval will merely carry a check on the uploaded documents and other basic details, which is NOT an evaluation. This process may take up to three days or so. The applicant also receives a 6-digit Unique ID, which is also the Submission ID.

  5. The applicant will then take a printout of the application docket form along with all other necessary supporting documents and submit it to the respective Head of the Department. From this point onward, the process is similar to the usual process.

Application Tracking

  1. At all stages, a faculty member can track his / her application to know the progress on evaluation of the application through the link Application Status (available from the dropdown menu above).

  2. To know the status of the application, the faculty member MUST supply the Access Code and Submission ID.

  3. There are four (4) stages of status of an application form. They are:

    • First
      Waiting for initial approval - the applicant has a successful online submission, the application is now waiting for initial approval.

    • Second
      Initial approval - the faculty member now submits the application form to the Registrar, GU after carrying out the due formalities.

    • Third
      Application received at IQAC - the application is received at the IQAC, GU from the Registrar, GU and under evaluation at IQAC.

    • Fourth
      Application is evaluated at IQAC - a decision has been made on the application at the IQAC and the form is sent back to the Registrar, GU for further and necessary action.

Application in stages First & Second can be withdrawn by the applicant through the Application Status section.